Sunday, October 10, 2010

Design Services

What an exhausting weekend.
The house still looks like a barn so housework did not get done over these two days.

Do I need Nate Berkus.. yeah! Do I need sponsored stuff from Pottery Barn.. you bet!

Am I watching too much Oprah because neither Nate or PB is even on the same continent as I am? Go figure.

In anycase, made a trip to visit a friend's gorgeous new crib and me likes. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And her cat sure can teach my pets some lessons in the virtues of a clean floor. * terrazzo are friends, not free-for-all-litter*

Question now is, which is the best bank to rob for me to achieve similar simplicity? OCBC maybe? I wonder will this post be flagged for that? I am kidding, Jo. Honest. I'll hit RHB.

Now I understand why when mothers get together, they do nothing but coo about kids. All I do these days is discuss plaster ceiling and electrical points. Its a great conversation piece. I must have like inspired many to try their hand at their very own 3D Kitchen Design programme.
Like real.
I wish there was a Pottery Barn in this continent.

1 comment:

jo said...

me thinks CIMB has bigger vaults to steal from. :)

and completely understand about talking about renovation stuff. hence the silence on my blog otherwise it would have been pages after pages of tiles, lights, paint colours, kitchen cabinets, taps...

we await the time when the next stage of life hits us, ok?