Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fantasies of being a Balrog

The intellectual rot is beginning to take its toll.

Its sad when there is no place to have a decent conversation that does not revolve around character assassination around the water cooler.

I guess the growing ethical conflict at the office is beginning to affect me in that I am having fantasy conversations telling people to shut up.

But reporting to the pre-menopausal comes with its own occupational risks that would involve inhospitable working conditions.

We will see how this works out.

You see, a Balrog would not have to face problems like these. It can happily go its way, eating trespassing wizards and tending to its flames and evil darkness.

Nobody would dare give the Balrog attitude. Or ask it to do mindless photocopying or comb binding.

And with a snort the Balrog would be able to dismiss (in ashes) any condescending member of management or self-centred customer. There would be no complaints and nobody would dare call for meetings at 5 minutes to its clock off time.

Yup, it would be great to be a Balrog.

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