Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am suspending scepticism for a while.

But that would mean that I must not read the news. Bad news make great headlines. Inequitable policies and greedy politicians make for great conversations. Especially when its easier to talk against the government than for the Opposition.

Until we have a true statesman, and no, I do not think that we have one on either side of the fence, voting - at least for me, will be a matter of who I distrust the least.

Truth of the matter is, nation building still hinges on whats-in-it-for-me multiply 27 million people.

Skepticism is easy. Too easy. Its easier to avoid heartbreak if I let go my ideals of a utopia, and as it is, only a fool would pursue Xanadu. (cue music). And leaving the country seems like an easy way out.

And yet..

when the non-locals in my workplace bitterly complain about this country of ours, there has been times when I am ready to not so subtly tell them to go back where they came from.

Hm, not unfamiliar rhetoric. Disturbing too. Moral high ground just got steamrollered.

How can I decrying a Singaporean bashing my country, when I do the same. Do I only rely on my IC as proof of my locus standi over his?

Is my cynicism justifying the criticism.

Someone Twittered that citizenship is a responsibility.

Perhaps that is not just a pretty phrase.

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