Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am alive but barely

Oh to be a Chambering Student is equal to being plankton i.e. at the bottom of the food chain. The distinguished lawyers don't regard you and the judges treat you with disdain. And it is interesting also to see how like attracts like. The Oxbridge trained lawyers, with the infernal celup-English slang will congregate together, the posers, the students, the dedicated, the wise.. and I have found to my utter dismay, that there is no small talk outside the law.

Its always : judges, amendments, cases, statutes...


In any case, I had the chance to visit the Palace of Justice at Putrajaya yesterday. Oh my what a pain it was to get there as it is soooo far away from the civilization that is KL but what a grand building. It houses the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court - the highest courts of the land.

Fine, the name is ostentatious but the building and the regalness it inspires is quite something. Indeed it is a palace. I was suddenly proud to be apart of something so important and big and seeped in history. Of course attending to the High Courts in KL today completely cured me of all that.

But it is quite something to sit and learn but its the being ignored and made to be humble bit that I have yet to get used to. Growing thick skin is taking longer than anticipated.

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