Sunday, January 08, 2006


I have a hard time accepting reality.

Things that ARE sometimes feel like a million miles away from what things are supposed to be.

A sense of helplessness and hopelessness over things I cannot change and the inability to accept that makes my journey a continous struggle. Like everyone else I can't change who my parents are, how I look like, who I fall in love with, the weather tomorrow.. even if I wish the stars down from the sky.

I just had a lesson just today. I have been very judgemental over certain individuals in the past about the choices they made and the lives they lead which initially appeared to me as deplorable. I was angry at them, in fact I was unable to see the other side of the coin, until I am suddenly faced with the same circumstance and understanding creeps in, and the same choices become available.
What do I do?

To take the same choices would knock me off my moral highground but the alternative is to sacrifice my long term happiness for status quo.

Why are things never the way there are supposed to be?


Anonymous said...

Life is never easy. You will be faced with this again and again till you feel like giving up at times. But don't, it's just part of life....

Dilvin said...

When we understand that human change, it will be easier to grasp the paradoxical of our life's principles. Someday you are a dog, other day you can be the hydrant. :)