Monday, March 06, 2006


Returning from Kangar, I must say that I was a little surprise to find the town bustling. I had expected a sleepy hallow where I could walk across the main street blindfolded without so much at getting knocked down.
You would be pleased to note that that I quickly abandoned that notion upon arriving.

As the state of Perlis does not have its own airport, From KL I flew into the aiport at Kepala Batas, Kedah and took a cab to Kangar - a pleasant 45 minute drive through amber paddy fields and cosy villages. My cabbie used the old trunk roads where there was neither sign nor milestone to tell me my location. Honestly I would hardly have noticed if I was kidnapped to be sold off across the border.

I put up at the 11-story Putra Palace, one of the more popular hotels in Kangar. Discovering the happy combination of Room Service and in-house entertainment, I was indeed a happy camper with my glorious nasi goreng kampong and chicken satay laid out over my bed spread as I savoured my Hindi drama, English comedy and a reality show.

Simple bliss really but those who know me (and had the misfortune of having me pour out my miseries) would be able to tell you that I live in rented accommodation which allows neither TV, cooking, air-conditioning or even a Dunlop mattress.

Hence I was most absorbed in enjoying the creature comforts within the four walls of my hotel room than to really explore what lay outside.

Putra Palace provides excellent value for money. At RM130 I got a large room with two beds, cool air-conditioning, a mini fridge, a TV, hot water plus breakfast for two in the morning. Showering space is a bit of a squeeze and enemies of shower curtains - bewarned. Nevertheless I was very pleased to find an actual hand held hairdryer (as oppose to the leaf blowers most hotels bolt unto the bathroom wall), an iron and a ironing board all tucked inside the wardrobe. Naturally these essentials are truly appreciated by women.

And although I was given a room on the floor for smokers, I am so glad the sheets did not smell of Marlboros and the walls not infused with the stench. (Inside tip: Always get a non-smoking room if you ever find yourself at Cititel KL. Otherwise you will face a sick inducing nightmare.)

But the one thing that got my goat was the lack of a remote control which I found exceedingly tiresome in view of my sloth.

I checked out at 8am this morning and after I finished a tad of unpleasant court business I walked a round a bit and bumped into this.

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