Thursday, March 02, 2006

Law and order

They begin so silently.
A momentary surprise in the smooth expanse, like an accidental ripple. Then one by one the ripples come a bit more urgent, a little less gentle and as wake upon wake slowly come together, a ferocity is awaken that engulfs and washes me away.

It is very unnerving as the stress and strain of the daily toil begin to stake their claim on the body and mind, with every intention of drowning the spirit. Like a tide that creeps up on the unsuspecting, you won’t realise until you are in a little too deep

Nothing was more evident to me during this past week. When I found myself unable to even eat, sleep and even focus, alarm bells went off like a tsunami warning. With headaches the size of the Atlantic, I was indeed a wreck.

I have invested about 6 years of my life and not to mention a great sum of money as a student of the law and now I am beginning to loath it. Not the subject, but the very people that are apart of this industry. Law on its own is a subject that is interesting and beguiling as any.

Yet, I cannot reconcile the nobility of the profession with the jarring snobbery of its members. The utter ease that rudeness is dispensed and the way junior members of the profession are bullied, it is shameful. Senior members of the bar treat me like I am invisible and and when they do the holier-than-thou attitudes get put on pompous display.

It was a good thing that I managed to meet Jo for a good ranting session. It is good to let off steam once in a while.

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