Saturday, August 26, 2006

I need my own motorised vehicle

It has been pouring bathtubs in KL lately.
Naturally traffic was at chaotic.

It culminated to a climax last night when the KTM Kommuter to KL Sentral station was experiencing scheduling trouble, the Monorail was down and the LTR Putra was down as well. So many train services and each as hopeless as the other.

Of course cab drivers had a field day picking and choosing their passangers and hiking the prices. I had to offer the taxi driver an extra 10 buck on top of the meter before he would agree to take me home. I normally detest spoiling the market like this but I was so desparate to go home.

I seriously don't get the transport system in this country. It is customary for the public tranport providers to blame the heavy rain and floods but after all this is tropical country, duh. It is not as if it was a snowstorm or something. You would think our engineers would have figured it out.

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