Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lean pickings

Once upon an eon ago, some one told me that I belonged to the Arts. I took that to be a great compliment as he was smack in the middle of it. I like to indulge myself in thinking that I am right-brainer, dangerously artistic and intuitive.

So last week when a senior lawyer said to me straight to my face that I am not creative I actually choked. On the spot I came up with a few ways to cause her grievous harm. Who is she to say I am not creative? She then went on to say that I have a problem in my thinking. Maybe she is right in that department. Slashing her Mercedes Benz in broad daylight would just be too obvious.

Of course it is trite that lawyers would need that bit of creativity to further their client’s (or their own) interests but I have been going out of my mind for the last 8 months from work that is sometimes so dry, it would put Ryvita to shame.

Well she was not too happy that I was not able to construct a particular clause to her satisfaction. Hence the scathing comment.

But there is some truth in her comment.

Take a person out of a creative environment and put her into a sterile environment, all will and enthusiasm die a lingering death at a pace so slow that the subject hardly notices it at all.

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