Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Shahrukh Khan

Wuahahaha. Blast from the past.

At one point this bloke broke the hearts of many a college girl. I think he still does. I was at my friend's office the other day and his posters were everywhere.
So here is a homage to the one star that once too sent my heart a flutter.

It began with Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge (1995). I was in Hong Kong at the time and through an amazing network of friends we got this Hindi film for the weekend and my best mates (bless them) translated every line for me. Hey, I can even still a song from the movie ok. Only i have no idea what it means still.

The Indian bug bit hard and I was throwing myself at my indian heritage. So much so that this one guy wanted to send his parents from Madras to meet my family in Malaysia to ask for my hand in marriage!! Fuuyo! He was no where close to my Shahrukh so I told Mr Creepy to go back to Dubai.

Oh those were the days!

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