Monday, October 23, 2006


The blog has been very quiet these past few days because I am back at my hometown. Traffic was not bad when we drove down here from KL on Friday. Deepavali was a quiet affair. My family is still in mourning. We have yet to reached three years of my grandfather's passing.

Anyhow, I am spending a week here. My daily routine involves, sleeping, eating and fighting with different members of the family(for variety). My whole family have opposing horoscopes, which probably explains why currently every one of us is living miles away from each other. The long holidays are occasions when the entire family gathers together to remind ourselves why we live this way.

My dad will be back from the middle east in a few days so that is exciting news. When he gets back, it will take a few days for him to get into his stride and drive everyone nuts as usual. Endearing, isn't it? And oh, we are moving house. Yup, it is world war three just waiting to happen!

I don't recall my childhood with any particular fondness so I won't pretend to have any heart wrenching nostalgia about home. Actually it was a painful time. So when I was 17, I left. Things have changed so much here that somewhere along the way I lost that feeling of belonging.
All my friends have left for greener pastrures and what remains are familiar faces and fading places. I still do have my folks here. Yet I cannot shake the feeling like I am still a stranger on the outside looking in.

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