Tuesday, October 31, 2006


My Korean tenant has left our apartment after just 5 months. Of course we wondered whether it was due to our combined explosive personalities (or rather our lack of one) that drove him away. Well, I suppose we will never know. At least now my fridge looks spacious again.

Anyway we have another tenant coming in who is a single Chinese female who will be staying with us for 6 months. The reason I mentioned that she is a single Chinese female is that I was quite suprised that we got someone like her.

While we are charging a fair rent for an apartment like ours, it is still a bit more expensive than what else is available considering that there are rooms here for as little as RM350 with furnishing and air conditioning. The catch is that such offers are only available to single Chinese females.

Hence I was expecting a dude of non-chinese decent to take up our extra room. Well, as long as she can help us cover our monthly rental, we are fine. And she is cool too.

Speaking of rentals, I saw an ad the other day offering a shared room for only Rm180 a month, proudly proclaming their 'selling point': Apartment shared by ONLY 10 people.
Cosy if you like sardine living. I really kesian people who have to live like that.

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