Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wrath of this bookworm

Published in The Star newspaper today, this is the daily highlighted opinion submitted by someone who I personally think is a little more than a moron.
I wonder what exactly IS she looking for.
Read it and weep.

Why Malaysians seldom read
Posted by: Gnisy

I skimmed a bookstore last week, looking for something to read. It's been a while since my last book which was... a title I can't even remember now, so I was quite adamant about spending some money on 'a bestseller' just to overturn the reading statistics a little. Since I live in Malaysia, that is not as easy as it sounds.

After being let down by the mystery/detective story section, I had a -very- quick run through romance, literature and self-help books. No luck there.

Then, I stepped into the business, management and computer section... to check out a tall, cute guy only to get cut off by his red-haired, possibly overprotective mother. I scoot over to the language section and spent a whole two minutes there, checking out a joke book. They had better jokes back then when I was growing up. At least, I laughed back then.
The politics section was more like a museum gallery of national leaders, each face bigger than the next on their respective book covers. History… erm, hey! the horror stories section.

Horror stories aren't my cup of tea though and I'd rather get a quick 2-hour scare at the cinemas than labour through Singaporean ghost stories. Same goes to "now a blockbuster movie" books; I still don't understand why anyone would spend more on a book rather than just enjoy the evidently cheaper and easier to go through movie itself.

Naturally, I avoided prize-winning books like the haze after I found out what curious thing happened to the dog in the night time.

Since I already have every book by Ms. Rowling and Mr. Brown, I thought perhaps there is hope in Narnia or Snickett but I turn-tailed once I scanned through the blurb and the price tag.

As I got desperate, I entered the Japanese manga section but was lured into the parenting books section by an adorable little princess held up by her again-expecting mother.

I was briefly occupied by the cooking section but judging from experience, these books will end up being dust-magnets in my bookshelf at home.

The magazine section had a little bit more variety in terms of genres: cars, women, sports, women, men, kids, women, women, brides, pregnancy, women. After that, I wasn’t too sure if the magazine publishing industry is not dominated by women. Which leaves me with *drum roll* the usual reference books and dictionaries. I took STPM once, nothing in the world will make me go through that again.

Evidently, I stepped out of the store, an hour later, with nothing in my hand but a nice bookmark and a daily newspaper, and RM34.95 richer.

You can’t say I didn’t try to get a book but now, I think we now know why Malaysians read only two books a year. There’s never anything good on the shelves!

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