Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shhh... I am complaining about work

Ok, I have been moaning. Yes, it has been two days and I am in misery. With due respect to editors the world over, editors are like accountants. Instead of number crunching, they ( or rather, WE) word crunch.

As we chew on the ill-fated text, we delight in the snap and crackle of words breaking apart and coming together. And the result is a selection of letters altered beyond recognition yet Better, Finer and Digestable.
Think Chocolate Digestives.

Writing is a creative process. Editing is basically wringing it for bugs. Right now as I am under probation, so my boss edits my edits. Trained (or rather, bullied) by CYH2, a bloody blunt Creative Director and succinct wordsmith himself, I like nice words. Never mind that they are big. Yet at work my pieces are dumbed down because the boss prefers things that way. I understand that most of our literature needs to be simple seeing that the kids are our main target audience. Yet the thing is, it has become so predominant that even articles for adults get the same treatment.

Plus I am practically ignored at the office. It is so cold here and I am not talking about the air conditioning. And the HR exec would call her workmates "pigs" and "anjing" in front of everyone! And of course there is the Twisties incident. The environment is as encouraging as a piranah feeding frenzy.

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