Sunday, April 22, 2007

Are you really suprised?

I am totally shocked and embarrassed by the attitude of some Malaysians.

My friend R was involved in a near-fatal hit and run. He sustained heavy injuries which included multiple fractures all over his body. His car fell off a highway ramp and the driver who hit his car sped off without even calling for help! In between slipping in and out of consciousness R had to call his friend on his own mobile for help and get this, the fire department only came after 45 minutes and after they cut open the car to remove the poor bloke, bystanders were robbing him as he lay on the ground!

The few firefighters were controlling the crowd and it was not until the medics came that they managed to create a ring around him to keep the crowd away. R had to use his broken arm to protect his wallet and the chain around his neck until his friends came to the scene. He lost his phone and watch. It is just so disgusting how people are.

Apparently this is a common thing. I was told that whenever there is an accident, the tow truck drivers would rob the cars before providing help to the victims. So there you go. Sick innit?

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jo said...

are you kidding? i can't believe how horrible malaysians have become!