Sunday, April 01, 2007

Marketing at a new level

I am getting increasingly bothered by this not so new trend of calling sales persons Marketing Evangelists. Besides being ridiculous to the point of being corny, how can you actually take marketing Evangelists seriously.

My last encounter with an Evangelist (in the truest sense of the word here) was as memorable as choking on a bowling ball. Years ago I was walking through a nice public square, minding my own business when this Korean bloke came up and without even an introduction demanded to know if I was a Christian. Upon hearing that I am but a dirty heathen, quizzed me with amazement as to why don't I care what happens to me when I die. As my grandmother would say, CHOY! Talk about having a magnetic personality. Then he started following me around. All thoughts of enjoying the sunshine evaporated and I barely escaped with my pagan faith intact.

That experience stayed with me a long time and while peoples of different faiths have tried to save my soul, (perhaps because my aura is as bright as soot), my defences are on perpetual red alert. I mean, not everyone likes being told within 5 minutes of being introduced, that they will end up toast on judgement day should they not convert to the 'right' religion.

I guess if I had a chance to talk to that Korean bloke again, I would have some hard questions for him but sometimes I find that some people get emotional when their faith is questioned or criticised. Well I am after all in Malaysia where it is all the more taboo as interfaith dialogue is perceived as detrimental to national security as a rabbi setting up a synagogue in Kampung Pandan.

Anyway back to the topic, if companies actually think that I am going to warm up to their marketing Evangelists, they have got another thing coming! Anyone knows where I can get a taser in KL?

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trix said...

once, one of em told me ghandi went to hell. i never went to church again. lol.