Sunday, April 08, 2007

Poison - taken after meals

I am very disturbed with the practice of some our doctors here.

I have some issues with my skin, and twice I have been prescribed isotretinoin by dermatologists. So a fly can’t ice skate over my skin without falling a few times, ok fine, but I don’t think I have cystic/nodular acne severe enough to justify the use of the drug.

Isotretinoin is a last resort medication and in the US prescribed under the strictest control to cure the most severe form of acne. It is very powerful drug that would cause severe deformities in babies carried in the womb.

In the States women on the drug are recommended to take TWO types of birth control to ensure there is no risk of pregnancy. It can also cause depression, thoughts of suicide and psychosis, including increased pressure in the brain that can lead to permanent lost of eyesight, loss of hearing and even death. I am not kidding. These facts were taken from the US FDA.

The drug is so lethal that in the States there is a risk management plan for patients taking this drug and women must take two pregnancy tests before going on the drug, a negative pregnancy test before their medication refill and they must sign a legal document to say that they understand the risks of taking this drug.

Not so in KL. Both time I was prescribed, I was not told the name of the drug and not even the possible side effects. Only to not get pregnant and to collect the capsules on the way out, like it was aspirin or something.

You can imagine my shock when I did my research. I like to get depressed all on my own thank you very much without drugs to do the job for me. It is very irresponsible for doctors to prescribe isotretinoin without telling patients the full extent of the side-effects. The drug is costly at RM200 for a month’s supply and I suppose it is good income for them. And my boyfriend wonders why I don’t trust anybody.

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