Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pendidikan Moral

And so the passage into the treacherous 30s is upon me.
I have yet to have own a vintage Lanvin, I am still in Hush Puppies and I still don't have a pad to call my own. 'Tis a shame really. Nevertheless late bloomers last the longest. I hope.

It took me a long time indeed to find myself and I am still not too sure I have the correct answer. Perhaps maturity is the quiet acknowledgement that the point of existence is not to discover but instead to create oneself, and the acceptance of doing the best one can in any given situation. Sounds like hard work and for me, it is.

Over the weekend I just found out how a good friend of mine came within inches of certain death. The experience totally changed his life. Life life to the fullest he says. There is no time left for embarrassments, regrets or procrastination. Which is why he now drives a Mercedes I suppose.

Sloth is something of a best friend of mine. Fear comes in a close second. Ok, they are habits that need to be shoved out my 15th storey window but try hacking off your own arm. I mean, easier said that done no?

I take risks as easily as I take arsenic so let's just say I am as uptight and edgy as the next turkey in line for Thanksgiving dinner. So having my well meaning friends come tell me to loosen up is kinda funny.

I have been super lucky in that while I have been born with this cloud of gloom and doom, I have always had good people around me who have dragged me out of quagmires. And they are worth a million Marc Jacobs. Blessings indeed. Best present a girl can ask for.

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