Saturday, April 05, 2008

In the Thick of History

What interesting times we live in.
I am referring of course to the unfoldings or rather unravellings of events that make up Act 1 & 2 of the theater piece that is Malaysian Politics - Post Election.

Watching politics (and naturally speculating and mengumpat-ing) is indeed engaging especially if one has equally keen spectators/speculators as comrades and partners in crime.

Yet, I work for an Umno overlord by the way. Dicing with death? Not really. Not when the whole country is talking about the scourge that is afflicting the ruling party. And as much as you wanna claim that the ruling party is Barisan, you know deep down, it is UMNO after all.

What is life without a little drama, no?

What really gets my goat is why the sudden shock? Like nobody has noticed that the blight is come.

I get a little nauseous when politicians keep calling upon and using its name in vain, this so called "grassroots". Notice how this term only surfaces and proliferates during elections, be it party or general. There IS no more grassroots. Lackeys and campaigners who later become elected government vendors are NOT grassroots.

Election time only do leaders become so concerned over grassroots. When petrol and toll go up in price, when floods strike every part of the city, when kids are no longer safe to go to the kedai runcit, when houses of worship are being demolished, how come there is not a peep from the local heroes about acceding the will of the grassroots?

And speaking of goats, Umno is still looking for a sacrificial one. Tun Mahathir has publicly called for the PM's resignation and even more shockingly revoked his support from Najib (jeng, jeng jeng). And party bigwigs have, in not so many words, called Tun Mahathir a tyrant during his years on the throne and now a firestarter bent on burning the party to a crisp.

One thing is for sure - the Pakatan Rakyat coalition must be rubbing their hands in glee.

What is better to watch and put money on is who will head Umno Youth? To be honest, if i had to choose between Mukhriz, Khairy and Khir Toyo (hahahahaha) - I rather move to New Zealand.

And if kris-waving-chinese blood-lusting Hishammudin is going to run for vice-presidency (which is so obviously in-line with his political ambitions, regardless of his press statements now), I will so do my utmost to migrate, even if it means that I have to masquerade as a dairy cow.

I am going to get myself some toast.

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jo said...

hahaha... same sentiments for the new umno youth leader line ups. it's worse than picking the devil and the deep blue sea.

but wait and hang on. a whisper of a conspiracy is at foot. umno may not rule for long, if these whispers turn into a storm of changing winds.