Sunday, April 20, 2008

Its the hormones, I swear

If sexy is a state of mind, then I am losing it.
(Not that I have ceased being hot, that is still the case, I assure you.)

I concede that our tastes evolve as we age.

Going back, I am happy to report that I was the first adolescent in my block to find Kurt Cobain so dangerously sexy. He was against everything pure and wholesome that my parents attempted to impart to us. My brother went a step further with Marilyn Manson.
My family: dysfunctional - yes. regrets - no.

Anyhoo, back to Cobain. So when I got that Nirvana calendar from Sharon, every photo from all 12 months including the bleeding jacket covered the north side of my bedroom wall. In any case it was that schoolgirl crush that launching my obsession with the proverbial Bad Boy. And got me into hell a lot of trouble to say the least but lets keep this entry clean and blackmail free

Lo and behold, today as I was watching Foo Fighter's The Pretender video clip, a though crossed my mind.. boy he is hot.

Wait a minute. That's Dave Grohl. THE Dave Grohl. As the truth sank in, I was a little disturbed. This is like the first man with facial hair that I have ever ever ever named and used the phrase "oh so fuckable" in the same sentence. Without a negative.

Sure he is amazingly talented. But its like suddenly realizing that hey, your sis/brother is quite a looker. It jolts the senses to say the least. With a cattle prod no less.

Ok ok maybe should qualify that he is majorly hot ONLY when he has his hair shorter, sans the blow out. But then look at the picture above and I dare you say that he is not goddamn delicious.

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