Sunday, April 13, 2008


What a melancholic weekend! Something is in the air. Had a lovely day at The Curve and yet this dread has been tailing me all day, like a thundercloud that just would not quit. My ruling stars and planets and must have some alignment issues.

How DO you snap out of gloom and doom?

Brought home flowers for the weekend. I know that they die and they cost alot of money and you can't stew them or make soup out of them, YET how could any girl say no to flowers. The offering/bribe of choice since time immemorial. I am such a sucker for flowers. And I have been so very lucky to have received some humongous bouquets in my lifetime. Not to mention sunflowers that I had to arrange in a bucket! Hehe.

Of course the more shrew ones among you would suggest that jewelery should be the preferred vice. And I agree whole heartedly of course. It is a good thing for my sponsors that Georg Jensen does not have an outlet in KL. But seriously, while their contemporary designs are to literally die for, I totally disagree with their pricing.

In any case, I have tracked down the Mary Jane's that I have been eying for the longest time. My back is starting to painfully revolt against my devotion towards my 3 1/2 inch heels. (wimp) But to ensure that I do not looks like a snail when I am 60, I am picking up my very flat Mary Jane's at One Utama tomorrow. Happiness is shoes. That fit. And Look nice. A bonus if they are comfortable.

Good lord, I am turning to be such a girl! I just had a long intense conversation about eye lash curlers the other day with a colleague. (Thank you Jennie for the Shu Uemura. I lurve you.)

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