Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thankful for laugh lines

I have been most fortunate and blessed. Here's to many more days of cake and pretty dresses. (Sorry, can't do anything about the pout. It is still here. )
And of course, just drop me a comment if you wanna take me out for food. Yes, I have no shame either.


So I am 31.
All grown up and no excuses.

Syeah. Like that is gonna work.

In any case, I have never been so happy. There is an amazing contentment that comes with being comfortable in one's own skin. (Although I cannot understand why it takes forever to lose 5 freaking kilos, but that is another blog entry.)

I have had good people pick me up, dust me off and changed my direction to perhaps a better one. There is a scene in Kung Pow that is quite similar except that involved rolling a baby off a cliff.

I am deeply indebted to good friends, unknown Samaritans and kind strangers. I would like to make a special mention of an old retired Chinese apek who seeing that I was short of 2o cents for the bus, kindly gave me his.

Of course thank you to those people who have taken me out for food when I was a poor chambering student. And a bigger thank you to all those who are taking me out for food now, with dessert to add to the bill.

For the text messages, phone calls, feasts, cakes, flowers, gifts (real and virtual), I humbly say THANK YOU.

Same time next year!

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