Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Aluminati

After being bitterly chastised for not keeping my blog up to date, I have obstinately left it exactly as it was for weeks on end. And not by choice mind you. Pity i know, but since I have taken on that mid year resolution of not complaining (much) I am pretty dry on things to say.

What can I say that will be of any significance to you besides reaffirming your belief that yes indeed, there is no other sorrier guppy that I.

In anycase, I have been a busy little trooper. The scholarship Alumni I have sworn my allegiance to is trying to organise a fundraising dinner. Problem is that the committee is split into factions and I got roped in to be in the committee running it.

Lets just say that there are members with outstanding personalities who are passionate about their causes. When titans clash, the wee people get trampled on.
In any case the funds will go towards buying uniforms for poor kids at the Kuala Selangor area. That is about the only thing we all have in common.

As my alumni, or at least its members are quite high profiled, we are hosting some big shot lawyers, hot shots from Government Linked Companies, university professors, art luminaries and members of the British High Commission. No social butterflies here, thank you. Models not invited. Its brains dripping from the ears type of crowd. (I got the award by fluke, I assure you. I feel as comfortable as an ant in an aardvark farm i tell you.)

I have been co-ordinating the guests lists and now guess who got volunteered to hold the mike for the evening? I suspect I got anointed emcee from birth. It never ends. And I thot I only people at work were conspiring against me. Its the three hags of Fate I tell you. I shake my fist at them and boldly cry "where's my script?"

Well it is going to be next week so stay tuned.

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