Tuesday, September 13, 2005


For the past year or so I have been afflicted with a hip problem. No, I am not talking of its obvious size although the term fertility goddess does invoke similarities.

Anyway, I have suffered from a nagging discomfort which has now fully graduated to pain on my right hip and despite x-rays and 3 different specialists, I was told that it's not spinal nor anything to do with the nerve, thank goodness, but muscular. Yup, only in one hip. Haven’t been cradling any babies/earthen pots around I can assure you, so I banish all domestic origins.

Well this last doctor wants to inject a muscle relaxant containing steroid, anaesthetic and something else into the muscle using a very long needle and all under x ray, followed by 5 treatments of ultra sound. And even after that still no guarantee that I will be well again to frolic like the lamb I once was.
Concerned friends want me to give it a shot, Mom is worried about the steroid and I am concerned that it will cost me 2 grand.

Tis a scary turn of events indeed when patients question the doctors as to whether they are actually out to get your money. Exorbitant charges, unnecessary tests, wanton hospitalisation - the list goes on. Government hospitals on the other hand means rude service, long queues and the refusal of hospitalisation.

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