Monday, September 19, 2005

Gourmet pistachios

Said the crocodile to the alligator,
Cass will soon be a litigator.
So let us leave this river nile
Nodded the alligator to the crocodile
‘Tis good to have fresh meat to savour.

The carnivores of the legal world are out to get me, I swear.
Yet I have conjured up enough will power to banish this evil Procrastination and take the deep deep plunge into the river of fate.

I enjoy writing very much which surpasses my study of law, that much is evident.
As all members of the proletariat, I harboured hope that I may be able to earn a decent living doing what I love. But writers are paupers in this country and my writings are so dark that if they ever get published, they would come with a health warning or at least a cut out coupon for discounted Prozac.

Hence I ended up at the Communication Department of a major retailer. My job was to write for the company about the company. Then I got involved in advertising, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then it began to include PR for which am as talented as a rhino is a china shop is.
Soon the madcap juggling shall stop.

As I flip through the papers, drinking in the stories of the people I know and will get to know in the course of my future career, I feel a freezing of the heart sometimes. Excited that I will be on my way of joining their lofty lofts yet fearful that I will not meet my own expectation of greatness and fall down flat on my face, a muttering heap of mediocrity.

So I lay the papers aside to go back to work, writing about imported pistachios.

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