Monday, February 20, 2006

I know wierd people

Surfing for a particular software online, a bored Wee decided to chat with a sales support staff of the said company.
His nick: Jesus

Jesus: This is your God speaking.

Sales Rep: This is Vlad, Sales Rep of ......How may I help you ?

Jesus: God is looking for a front-end to manage the SQL Server Database, to which God uses it to store data on the entire human population. God is looking for a free copy.

Sales Rep: Godlike creature, although I don't think I am talking to God, we can still provide GodLike Discounts, if you tell us what you need.

Jesus: God is currently downloading your trial package, and if God finds it worthwhile, he will summon you again. God hath spoken.

Sales Rep: Thank you for your time and attitude.

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