Monday, February 20, 2006

Just let me sleep

I think when one falls sick, it the body forcing the mind to not get so excited and slow down to rest. I have been nursing a soggy head and trying to think is like wading though a sea of snot. Ok, that was disgusting. Sorry.

I am scaring myself at the way I am pumping pills into myself. Doctors have no qualms of giving one antibiotic after antibiotic when all one needs usually is a few days MC to just stay home and rest.

Unfortunately I have yet to come across a doctor who would prescribe more than a day of rest from work. Honestly, the body is really not up to repairing a sick body in a day. And how productive exactly can a body be half dead? Honestly I find it frustrating having to trudge back to the doctor to get another MC the next day.

Worse if it is a panel clinic that one is forced to seek medical attention. A doctor once confided in me that most companies request that doctors give only the minimum dose of what is required to make the patient functional. So if a person should be on a 5 day course of medication, the doctor would prescribe 3 days. No MC unless strictly necessary (i.e. you are at death's door.)

I understand that doctors need work too and if the company so dictates, then the doctor is put in a very difficult position.

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