Sunday, February 05, 2006

I survived CNY 2006

I have just returned from a week long sojourn. Crawled through mind-numbing traffic to get home for the Chinese New Year holidays. What a brilliant one it was. I was also internet-less for a week hence the dreadful silence.

It was so noisy and crowded and festive that it was pure chaos at times. But that is the spirit of a chinese celebration. The ang pau haul this year was modest. Can't expect much when I am at the age where I am expected to be donating the red packets.

But one good thing about having the big break up with the ex is that there have been absolutely NO annoying questions as to when am I getting hitched. So far so good. But not for long. My best friend is getting married in two weeks time and the resident aunties won't be so indulgent.

Speaking of weddings - I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.
My entire wardrobe is black. In the vain hope that I exude sophistication, I have earned the reputation for being as fashionable as Morticia.

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w.e.n.d.y said...

So what...I am also expected to be donating red packets and worse, supposed to have two kids already!

Btw, it's me - don't ask me how but I found your blog! :P

Gong Xi Fa Cai