Sunday, February 05, 2006

Park life

Today, sitting in the open, staring at the ocean of sky, I stumbled upon the perfect antidote to anger, misery and despair. Not having the pleasure of being part of organized religion, I do not have the relief of conviction that those who do me ill will burn to a crisp in deepest hell. Hence my quest for personal tranquility.

Everything is indeed relative. Even the earth we live in is so large that we can’t honestly fathom the immenseness of creation, what more when one considers the great expanse that is space. In the bigger picture so to speak, our personal hurts and tears are nothing but space dust in the grand scheme of things.

So what if we are surrounded by morons, our love life is feeding flies, our boss is Beelzebub, life out there continues and there is no rational point for feeling low as just as sure as the sun shines, bigger wheels are churning to which our personal universes are nothing but dirt.

This realization of our troubles being preposterously tiny can only be achieved if one take a good look at the world around – preferable large fields, leafy parks or on rooftops. Trying to find comfort walking through a mall or watching TV is akin to intentionally skinning your self: extremely painful and stupid. When everyone is telling you that you are ugly/fat/unsuccessful/your boyfriend secretly prefer you with lighter skin/bigger boob/straighter hair -you may just develop homicidal tendencies. Or at least suicidal ones.

I am going for a walk. See ya.

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