Sunday, May 14, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I have been staying at my new apartment for about a week now and I now I am finally wired and online. Yeay.
I am still living in boxes alright as I have neither shelves nor cabinets but its really not too bad. Since I am merely renting, the mere thought of having to eventually move and lug everything around again is enough to stop me from even thinking of more furniture. ( I bet you my resolve will last only till IKEA's next sale.) While part of me wants to start making this into a home proper with hanging baskets on the landing and reproductions of Van Goghs on my walls, yet I am kept being reminded that I am only renting. According to my tenancy agreement, even hammering nails is a cardinal sin.
So much for my cascading petunias.
So the nest is pretty sparse right now with cartons in the front room and laundry in the main hall. Argh, I am fighting the urge to decorate my house according to Good Housekeeping but I figure not even Martha Stewart could make corrugated cardboard boxes look chic as home centrepieces.
Anyway, I think all my muttering has done some good as my Korean housemate has vacated half the kitchen without my asking. Guess I won't have any use for that VooDoo doll after all.
Speaking of kitchens, I have whipped up some local favourites from my humble wok. So far no incidences of food poisoning and I have not set fire to my kitchen, so all is sweet.

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