Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday's heartbreak and purple donkeys

There is a haunting song by Faye Wong that I used to listen to in the days of my youth and which till today still evokes a forlorn sadness.
Originally sung by Japanese artis Miyuki Nakajima, its English name is translated to "Fragile Woman". Perhaps the title Fragile Woman is a little short. The Canto title is more descriptive, being "A woman who is easily hurt". Not very poetic admittedly but it describes the song in a nutshell.
And I really should not be listening to it, being suicidal and manic depressive and all (gotta love the drama queen in me), but it is damn good for wallowing in self pity with.
I have just been constantly disappointed lately and I just got wounded again. Hence this seems to be my theme song for the week.
When my ex-company was doing the Winnie the Pooh project, I loved Eeyore with all my heart. A kindered donkey with rain clouds over our heads. Soggy heads should really stick together. I got a stuffed donkey which used to sit above my PC. Its now more tawny than purple but its my darling of a mascot still. Will put up my purple donkey soon.

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