Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I wish daffodils grew in KL

The best thing about being in a happy environment is that cheeriness is so contagious that one cannot help but be infected with optimism and the odd fit of giggles.
Cross contamination ensures a continuous cycle of good will.

Work with gloomy people and gloomy the world becomes.

Where I used to work was a pleasure indeed. Lifting each other up was so natural that we did not even contemplate that things may actually be different on the outside world.

And different it is. Bitching and power trips, nasty colleagues and even nastier bosses.

SO it was very refreshing that I had lunch with Jo today. Both a bit battered from our respective battles but finding comfort in a kindred spirit does indeed rejuvenate my spirit.

And speaking of comfort, I don't understand why most Malaysians don't understand the concept of COMFORTING. The moment to relate a sad/frustrating story expecting some sympathy, I get the typical retort "Told you so already. That is why la, you should have...."
Which only makes the matter even worse.

I regaled by story of the Korean annex of my kitchen cabinet to someone close and all I got was an earful of how I should have done this and done that, not this and that. I am sure the person considered it as good advice but to me it turned out to be severely unwelcomed criticism.

I am afraid I may have snapped at her. Now I feel guilty.

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