Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lament of the pseudo-housewife

Okay here is the scene.
We needed another tenant to contribute towards the rent. We were quite particular that he be a non-smoker, tidy, non-party animal aka we were looking for a geek basically.

And we got one.
A Korean programmer. Seems shy and I have yet to say anything beyond HI to him.
K arranged the rest.

But he has already pissed me off.

I am a lover of kitchens and what is a kitchen without cabinets and a fridge, right. And this guy has filled up 3/4 of my kitchen cabinets and half of my fridge! Apparently this guy is not able to stomach our flavourful malaysian food hence he has the need to cook everything. So he brought with him all his equiptment and food and he has invaded MY kitchen. More like annexed it.

I was SO upset. I hope he gets food poisoning for his utter inconsideration.
AND he has taken to hanging his clothes in the living room.

Wait till I move in. I suppose I need to let K do the talking as I may get too emotional and skin him with my cleaver. . slowly.

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