Monday, July 23, 2007

avada kedavra annoying neighbour

Speaking of squashes. The household  just had a shouting match with my witless neighbour. Tempers were flying all over the place.

We have been having car park issues for a time and one of the main culprits who parks in our spot is our neighbour. Our neighbour's house holds many occupants, and while they have a spot just next to ours, they will always park another car of theirs in our spot. Although we clamp, they come up with some cock and bull story and the guards will let them off. Incompetant fools. We can't even use our spot when we really needed to because of this nitwit.

We have clamped, the guards have given them warning and yet still this continues. Today we were in the midst of clamping the car when this chap came running and we naturally snapped and scolded him because this is becoming such a nuisance. He maintained that it was NOT his car and he is only moving it.

And he had the audacity to be pissed off that we scolded him because he maintains that it was not his car but his friend who was the one who parked there. We don't even know if it is true. Just like that. He was like, hey, it is not me who parked here, not my fault, buzz off! No apology, no promise to tell his friend not to do it again, nothing!

The security guards were there to tell him to tell his friend and he asked us to go upstairs and
scold his friend instead. And then the security guards just let him go without fining him! My neighbour is the typical chinese secondary school gangster type. The selfish type that would not listen to reason.

One one hand, with these kind of specimen, I do fear real retribution but on the other hand, I can't let them walk all over us. Now I know why the rich live in bungalows with as much land as possible from their neighbours.

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Anonymous said...

he's probbaly inspired by that digi cinema gangster wannabe ad person. "i tao koh maaa".

chill la. his car is never locked i notice. we could always ter-release some rats or what not inside. he he he.