Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hocus pocus, piles and locusts

I resent it deeply when I am made to sacrifice my weekends. Especially when I do not get compensation. And when it was never mentioned up front. And even more so when it is not my job at all.

My dad advocates hard work and patience. My heart advocates handing in a rude tell-all no-holds barred resignation letter. Delivered down the throat of the unnamed perpetrator naturally. Yet looking at priorities - sustenance, habitat and ZARA is on sale - the road i take is a no brainer. The last week has been a particularly trying one. I hope I will not resort to confrontation because I am not good at keeping my temper. And what is worse, my voice turns into a high pitched squeak when I am emotional. Totally wipes out the gravity of the situation. Who takes a mouse seriously I ask you.

And professionalism is a man-made fallacy. Are you going to say that say for example you get screwed by your boss, embarrassed in public, made the scapegoat out of, taken advantage of, backstabbed, etc -you can still keep a straight face, concentrate on work alone and don't let it get to you personally? Who are you kidding? Only boulders do that. Pathological homicidal fantasies are made of these, baby.

So just to let you know that while i am working on this blasted paper on this Sunday afternoon, blunt force trauma is not too far away.

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