Friday, August 31, 2007

An Enchanted Evening

One benefit of being on the High Commission's mailing list is that every time English royalty (both the blue bloods and the VIPs) comes to town, I get to be part of the mob of invited well wishers that usually welcomes the said dignitary.

The Duke of York is in KL as the Queen's representative for our nation's 50th Independence celebrations. I was invited to a reception on Wednesday at the Convention Centre. I worked too close by to give any plausible excuse not to attend. I do not relish going to these formal dos because I am always the among the youngest there while all the others are established professionals and industry players. And I carry as much fame and glory as a plastic wall fixture.

Anyway one thing has to be said about the European embassies. Their food may suck, but by Jove, the wine is always good. So it was to my utter disappointment that there was no alcohol at the reception. Of course old friends were there too, so the evening turned out lovely. It was a nice opportunity to network as well although I met so many other lawyers, it could pass as a Bar Council meeting.

In any case, Prince Andrew looked affable enough but there is a snootiness attached to the English aristocracy that can't quite be dismissed. No, let me retract that statement. Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex had none of the airs. Well, I am biased anyway. He made time to talk to me once and boy I was chuffed. Of course I in turn blabbered like a bumbling idiot.

Well my friends were excited at the prospect of meeting the Duke of York. I didn't understand what the fuss was about until one of them explained that Andrew was to their generation what William is to mine. Then it all clicked into place. Of course the ladies that were with me that night were all well into their 40s and hence they could not fathom why I rather chew on breadsticks than to make an attempt to shake HRH's hand.

I am such a peasant. But in any case, it was lovely to get out and socialise again and be among long lost friends.

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