Saturday, August 18, 2007

Good will hunting

Wee Meng Chee could not have found a worse time to broadcast his rap videos. Right when nationalistic pride is at its pinnacle and politicians are playing musical chairs to the tune of "I am more patriotic than thou" it is no wonder that he is being brought to slaughter for just being a stupid kid.

After posting his infamous version of Negaraku on YouTube which of course caused Umno to go up in arms, I can't help but wonder how come our political centurions don't exhibit the same vigour and zealous persecution when it comes to blatant cases of corruption, poverty and keris-waving.

Ha, with such wishful thinking, you would think that I was born yesterday.

Added with the latest crackdown on political bloggers, it would seem that if one is not a ruling party sycophant, we are nothing but a bunch of lying, scheming and defaming rogues that are out to bring ruin to the country. (Damn, our secret is out.)

I hope someone will take the time to go beyond the prank and study the deeper motivations on why this young man is so audacious and disgruntled. He represents a generation who may not necessarily condone his actions but who won't totally disagree with him either. If his work was utter rubbish, I don't think his blog would record over 100000 hits. He must be making a killing with his Google ads.

Humble moi never fully understood the May13 tragedy mainly because nobody wanted to tell me about it. There was like zero literature. And like everything else, once the sacred 'sensitive issue' label is ribboned around any matter the government is squeamish to address, it is swept under the carpet with fervent hopes that it will disappear like magic. But as the hump starts to build at the corner of said floor mat, it is a no brainer that sooner or later, it will need to be aired.

While now we are seeing gradual acceptance of May13, I do not think our young generation, the masses of Wee Meng Chees will wait 20-30 years before they make their grouses and festering dissatisfaction's known, despite the efforts of our pihak-pihak tertentu to safeguard their vested interest and status quo.

If ever we relive May13 again it would have spawned out of ignorance, non-existent unity plans and the shameful failure to learn from history. As it is, most people already have cynical views of our merdeka clarion call for racial unity. To most of us, true merdeka means more than just sovereignty; it also involves being accepted as true citizens of Malaysia regardless of our bangsa, with no more or less privileges than the rest of our brethren.

With all the emotional statements to the press and fiery debates to rally the masses, suddenly I see a lucrative potential in marketing torches and pitchforks. If a witch hunt is what they want, why should capitalism stand in its way.

Yet despite all the sham and drudgery that is being painted in the newspapers, I want to have the hope that sanity will prevail. Across the races and throughout cyberspace, voices of good sense and good conscience can be heard. I just hope they won't be intimidated out of existence.

For the heck of it I will end this entry with this hilarious quip from the Federal Territory PAS Youth Exco member Kamaruzaman Mohamad on banning Gwen Stefani's concert:
“This concert does not bring any good to Malaysians except invite youngsters to enjoy themselves, mix around too freely, get drunk and commit sins,”

Shit, I never knew there was a bar at the stadium and what was I thinking by having fun and sacrificing my soul. I should be so ashamed of myself.

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