Sunday, August 05, 2007

No Burp Zone

At SS2 PJ, behind the police station, there is this large clearing which previously housed a nursery and a store selling every kind of plastic ware imaginable. The nursery and plastic emporium is gone now and in its place is this car wash and open-air shack selling durians.

It is no ordinary durian stall, mind you.
It comes with a menu (ooo), tables and chairs (waaa), and naturally racks and racks of durian. Even if you don't know your D24s from your D88s (durian varieties, not bra sizes) all you need to do is just tell your waiter aka durian connoisseur aka the man weilding the machete, of your gastronomic preference be it sweet, tart, bitter or tasting like wine.

Speaking of the taste-like-wine durians I have always wondered why the heck is it called so because it taste like no wine I know. You have heard of wine tasting of fruits but a durian tasting of wine is a role reversal gone wrong, no? But I digress.

You will easily spot the fellas running the shack by their signature red T-shirt with the shack's URL printed on the back. Yup, they are online! Their website comes with flash intro, music. picture gallery - the works. Only thing dubious is their logo of the pakcik eating what I suspect is a bowl of pulut durian, breathing out durian flames. Hmm

Anyway, the workers will select the durian for you, hack the fruit open and even pack it for you in a nice Styrofoam box so that you won't even need to chip a nail or puncture a blood vessel prying them open. But naturally it comes with a price.

A friend and I ordered three small durians, had it opened and packed to take away. We were charged RM64. For over RM20 per durian, when I opened my box at home, to my surprise and dismay, 4 seeds were all I had. Granted it was D24 and tasted like ambrosia but it was, to borrow a phrase from Mom, like eating gold!

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