Monday, August 27, 2007


Weekends are too damned short. That speaks volumes of course about my time management skill. Or rather, my total lack of one.

The highlight of the week was of course Lin's wedding. On Monday I also attended her akad nikah (solemnisation ceremony) and she looked so prim, sweet and proper. We were like, what have you done with the real Lin, imposter? Can the monster really be tamed by brocade and lace?

Although totally rejecting our overtures to make her wedding one to remember, (our plans were to mess up her fiance's lafaz nikah (vows), they did make their night memorable because right as we were burping our last burp at the feast, the lights went out in the tent. After we deliberately made a big fuss, the lights went out at the wedded couple's dais too. Despite the fact that the lights flickered on within minutes, the pair have claimed the dubious honour of being called the Pasangan Pengantin yang Tak Bayar Bil Api. Apt I thought.

In any case, the wedding reception was gorgeous. Lilies and jasmine were strewn everywhere. There were royalty, politicians and of course us. VVIPs all. Very very Incorrigible Persons. It was held at the beautiful Dewan Perdana Felda.

When the Chinese have weddings at the Chinese restaurants, they will almost always have the silly do-da where for the first course, the banquet hall will go dark and the waiters will bring our the cold entree to the corny tune of Kitaro or Drunken Master. Very embarrassing.

For most Malay sit down dinners, all the lauk-pauk dishes will already be on the table as guests take their seats. But this has not stopped the inventive caterers from injecting the dramatic into the meal. As the lights dimmed and the familiar tune of Putri Gunung Ledang filled the air, my alarm bells went off. Oh oh. And true enough, from the corners of the hall, a procession of waiters carrying tea lights emerged. And in their hands, they carried.. the pots of nasi!

And of all the traditions the Malays have to adopt from the Chinese, my question is this.. Tim Kai??? Maybe this has been going on for ages, I don't know but if the Indians catch on to this, I know then that there truly is a bangsa Malaysia.

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