Sunday, March 09, 2008

5 states! (updated)

Now this is a surprise.
I am sure the Opposition is just as surprised.

I am very happy that there will be better representation in parliament yet I have my concerns with the capabilities of the opposition. I admit, I did wake up this morning anticipating some demonstrations if not scuffles. I am glad that calm prevailed. I hope calm will be maintained. And if the Opposition is stupid enough to hold a victory parade, I will denounce them myself.

Although it is hard to quantify, I do not discount the immense impact netizens and bloggers have had on the recent elections. Its thorough the tireless efforts of these people who I am sure hold day jobs just like everyone else, that local politics have become greatly more accessible, a platform for dissent is created and there is actually some debate going on. And we get to use expletives. And with no police permit necessary. Heh.

But then, the deliciously interesting ones that are notorious independent or seditious, depending on who you ask, are already being watched anyway. Hats off to RPK and the bloggers who have stayed courageous and united. So political bloggers, well done and thank you. Jeff Ooi of Screenshots is going to parliament! Blogger turned Politician. Not one of my favourite bloggers but its indeed a victory for all us netizens.

I will certainly be keeping a close eye on Penang and Perak to see just how the Opposition intends to bring about change. Its one thing to be critical, now lets see these fellas lead. Coalition goverment with PAS and DAP sharing power, this is bound to be very interesting.

Here's to a new tomorrow.

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