Sunday, March 02, 2008

All I can think about is a wookie

And the war of the flags have begun. So festive. Next election I must go into business with a professional photographer and get these candidates to pose better.
I mean obituary style is so not fortuitous. What more with a pangkah on the side. Choy!

Ah well. The wheels of the different propaganda machines have been on overdrive these past week. You may cheer, you may hurl, bottom line is - printing presses and vendors of loud hailers are making a killing!

Perusing the political blogs lately, well, they are no better than the mainstream media. I am not going to even attempt any commentary because I don't think I can ever be as eloquent at being logically offensive.

So instead I will write about getting a non-stick pan at 70% off. Best bargain of the year. I mean imagine getting a 28 inch pan for 71 bucks at House of Presentation! And its just the right size. With a glass cover. I think will baptize it with my crowd pleaser, kaim chye (thats salted vegetable) chicken curry.

In anycase, work has been insane. I have been a little insane myself. Came very close to volunteering to join the ranks of the dedicated unemployed. Still. I continue to prostitute my principles and sanity for the sake of food, shelter and the odd non-stick cookware.
Sucks much, mon ami.


yo bwada said...

since we're neighbours know.he he he. (i know where you stay!)

Monster said...

Too late too late. Cooked and makan already!