Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jack in a box

I had the pleasure of dining at the Malaysian Petroleum Club this week. Being on the same level as the sky bridge on the 42nd floor of Petronas Twin Towers' Tower 2, we managed to catch the sun setting over the city. Its beautiful, yes.

But its far from a peaceful scenery.

But then again who is at peace looking over a busy cityscape during rush hour?
I don't know if I am just getting tired of city life, but from my high vantage point, all I see are glass chimneys and concrete pigeon holes stretching out far and wide, playing catch up with the horizon.

The Malay word for it is rimas. Not the right time to be cultivating claustrophobia certainly. But the sudden longing for space was a little overwhelming.

Anyway, the view was the highlight. The food was mediocre.

Better pics from the dSLR next week

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