Friday, July 18, 2008



There is ceartainly alot of fodder available these few days to rant about.

From the debate between the PKR de facto leader Datuk Anwar Ibrahim and Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Information Minister on the fuel hike, to the nonsensical arrest and eventual release of Anwar - all I can say is that I am kinda tired.

The debate was just an opportunity for each to take pot shots at the other. But I like the under the belt punches and sarcasm. Now I know that I am but a padawan at the art of sounding 'laser', pardon the colloquial. Go YouTube it. The debate is available in about 8 parts. More or less an hour of jumping off tangent and talking about everything but the fuel hike.

This soap opera has been just dragging on and on and on. I mean, govern the country already. March seems like a long time ago isn't it? The fuel hike is stale news mon ami. Um, somebody do something already. Has ANY of the action plans proposed by the federal government been implemented yet? I really wanna know.

All I can see is my spending power shrinking daily and I am really pissed off at the bastards who are profiteering. For instance, how do you justify my pack of Strepsils costing 30% more? It does not take a rocket scientist to do the math that someone is taking advantage of the situation. May these business lose customers and go bust! Is the Ministry of Trade and Domestic Affairs looking into all this?

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Daphne Ling said...

Hi Mlle Monster,

*This comment has nothing to do with the post*

Hey, thanks for that comment on my blog! Came by to tell you that comment really struck me...(Cut-ted and pasted below)

You know, reading that comment, I feel like I'm reading my own thoughts! It's so uncanny and deja-vu'ish I tell you...*Shudder*

You said everything I feel! I also strongly feel that "In many ways they are really the unfortunates not only because of their disabilities but also how they have been let down by society and shut away because they remind us of our own failure to make the bigger choices that would benefit humanity and not our selfish interests"...


You're right...The greatest societies are not the ones with the most money, but those who remember the people everyone else has forgotten...

I know some people will say I sound like a broken tape recorded because I've said this over and over, but hey, I strongly believe in it...

Again, thanks for sharing the thought...=)