Saturday, July 05, 2008

The week that was

Have you been keeping up with the high suspense drama that is Malaysian politics at present? Forget West Wing or 24, this has all the heart stopping action, not to mention scintillating sex scandals, thrown in. And there is a new twist everyday!

While the nation ponders who murdered who, who framed who, what is to become of the country, I think the most interesting question is - why are our politicians so preoccupied with anal sex la? Of all things Bala's SD just HAD to mention the anal sex bit, kan? If our country is becoming the butt of jokes, we so deserve it.

And why is it anal sex when its Najib and Altantunya but its sodomy when its Anwar Ibrahim and Saiful? Will someone care to explain this to me.

Anyway, there is really nothing much to speculate here because you get the best and juiciest on the other political blogs. Go add to Raja Petra's hits or hack someone's Malaysiakini account. Nobody knows whats the truth anymore but as my mom practices.. when in doubt, stock up on cans of sardine.

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