Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lies akin to treachery

From The Star today:

PUTRAJAYA: The allegations being spread to create an unsettled political atmosphere lately are tantamount to treachery, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

He said the allegations and news championing those who broke the law through SMS, blogs and YouTube were akin to treachery.

“These stories and SMS do not have any benefit. It is a deliberately attempt to create a negative perception (of the Government).

“This is not the doing of a race that wants to progress,” he said, hoping that the rakyat would not be influenced by it all.

“There is total disregard for the law and no one is giving importance to what is right and wrong any more,” he said, advising Malaysians to disregard all such attempts.

Unfortunately, however, he said that these allegations made interesting fodder for gossip.

Addressing staff of the Prime Minister’s Department at its monthly gathering here yesterday, Abdullah said he was also sad that the recent spate of events showed that the principles of the Rukunegara had been tarnished.

Abdullah assured Malaysians that the Government, which was given the mandate to rule in the last general election, had come up with various measures to reduce their financial burden due to the rising cost for fuel and goods.

Stating that peace had to be given priority, he added that enforcement agencies must continue to strictly perform their duty to help alleviate the people’s fear of food shortage and the safety of their family.

“The rakyat must be convinced to continue to progress and help develop the country and that this country is safe for all,” he said.

Later, speaking to reporters after holding bilateral talks with several leaders of the Developing Eight countries, Abdullah said he wanted bloggers to stop speculating and spreading rumours on the Internet.

“I want to tell the blogs to stop all this. They are also responsible for what has happened. The best thing they could do is to stop.”

Mlle Monster says: The folllowing are also treachery:-

Cronyism, money politics, police brutality, racial discrimination, instigating racial tension, undermining the judiciary, votes rigging, corruption, misappropriation of funds, poor governance and withholding of development from opposition held states.

The best thing the government could do is to stop.

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