Sunday, July 06, 2008

Protes 2008

I live in Kelana Jaya. And today we residents were bracing ourselves for a massive build up of about 1 million angry protesters to gather at the KJ Stadium to protest against the recent fuel hike. Its 4 pm and everything is relatively quiet.

And yes, there was military presence here yesterday. If you consider millitary trucks going up and down as presence. And as far as I know there are roadblocks at the interstate tolls since yesterday. And today the roads are exceptionally quiet. Is political activism of the masses losing momentum? Hm, maybe activism is too strong a word. Maybe participation is better.

Regardless what Najib says, there is no reason for the MILITARY (instead of just the police) to involved at a peaceful civilian gathering. This reeks of intimidation. What violence are they expecting or at least trying to give the impression that there is to be?

Early reports say that there is an air of festivity at the stadium. But somehow festivities and a serious protest just doesn't sit well in one sentence la.But thats just me.

I think generally people just want to get on with life. Enough bickering already, just get on with governing the country.

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