Sunday, February 08, 2009

Again another point of view

Politics and religion - so fascinating, destructive and a faux paux at any polite gathering. 

Finally somebody has attempted to answered the question of what is Hudud from the readings of the Quran itself.

Hudud is a very touchy subject which has causes me at least one argument of the vicious kind. Discuss with caution. But then none is as blind as those who would not see, right? This goes both ways.  So share the love but don't la so gung-ho. 

Its so easy to play up our prejudices.  Yet we know so little first hand. To the average man on the street, the intricacies of Hudud have predominantly been the baby of the ulamas of PAS and stalwarts of DAP, with the issue ping-ponging between parties.  

And election time, the same bogeyman is resurrected to scare the non-muslims  - the chopping of hands, the whipping and the rules of evidence for rape.  But is this Hudud

Anyway - one view as below:                                                                                                                                             

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