Friday, February 20, 2009


I actually agree with Dr Mahathir's latest statement. 

Malaysia is indeed  seeing more gutter politics. 

To say that I am upset with the turn of event in national politics is the understatement of the year. I was certainly close to tears when news of Eli's departure from office became known. 

What shameful, disgracing and underhanded way to bring down a capable politican.  As a Malaysian, Opposition supporter and a woman, I have nothing but admiration and the highest praise for Elizabeth Wong. Her blog and goodbye message HERE

If this is the kind of  politics that Najib is orchestrating,  then he has just guaranteed the Opposition's victory at the next general election.   

I had thought that with recent developments, I was ready to  throw in the towel and not  have anything to do with local politics and the pitiful state it has degenerated into.  But then, that would mean that the fight and sacrifices of the brave men and women against the Establishment would have been in vain.

And that surely must never be. 

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