Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A theory and an irrelevant poster

Age does not beget wisdom. Only regret masked in layers of justifications. Excuses if you will. It talks you out of things that would set you soaring, doomsaying of how you would crash and burn. (If Icarus only listened to his wizened father, he’s most probably survive his flight and we’d never hear of him. Case in point.)  

In most cases - face it, its not wisdom talking. Its fear, inculcated from years of conditioning, heartbreak and failure. It’s the air-bagging of the heart from more collisions of the unsavoury sort.

Youth is no folly. And as the axiom goes, indeed wasted on the young. It’s the decrepit and the jaded that need the exuberance of the reckless.

Yet is the middle aged or rather the neo-middle aged that suffers more from the rot then our actual greying population. 25 is the new 45. And 35 is the granny on the sidewalk who reminisces of when life was much better in her good old days of Thundercats and Datsuns.

Never has a generation been so insightful and articulate, yet so unbelievably stressed.

Roti kawin, butter kaya. What’s one without the other?

And it took my dad to illustrate what tight asses we have become. He took his first ride on the Solero Shot when he was 60. I am still too worried that I would puke on the guy next to me / get a headache / get stuck on the way down/ die. Kelly’s mom went paragliding in her 50s too.

Funny how you need to be a pensioner to unlearn adulthood and be a child again. One end of the age spectrum you didn’t know what mortality is, on the other and - only too conscious of it.

Does that explain why older apeks are now on the prowl for more lurve and Pfizer making indecent profits?

Hello? Do I know you, uncle? Tolong pegi main jauh jauh. (eh, who mentioned Chua Soi Lek?!) 

Modern living eats up innocence too early me thinks. In my estimation it starts to disappear by the age of 6 these days. These precocious tots can already process complex problems like who is Malay and Chinese and Indian and who to sit next to in class. Better be the same pork eater, beef eater or vegetarian. Ten year old prodigies could even tell you which to wipe out first in the event a snake also saunters by.  

I was not so smart during my tadika days. It was tough enough to get my head around why I can’t use the boy’s toilets.  Forget about telling the difference between Telegu, Tamil, Ceylonese, Malayalee dan lain lain.

Still couldn’t figure it out, 20 odd years post-tadika.  

Being the kopi susu kid, I am always the odd one out anyway yet treated somewhat with awe. In the backwaters of Jerantut Pahang, the offspring of an interracial marriage is rare and somewhat of an anomaly. Like an albino rhino or a one legged frog.  But much hotter looking.

I’d move swiftly on from the brief Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah episode there, but I sense a Maggi Assam Laksa in the vacinity.  

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