Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back to Civilization

I would so love to afford to be a housewife or the single equivalent.
Forget all my preaching about how a woman needs a career for the mental stimulation, a sense of purpose and worth.

And watching day time soaps not make me shallow. That I swapped my BBC’s Hardtalk for Spongebob Squarepants is not indicative of anything, OK?

On to advance geekdom.
My graphic card can no longer support the latest PC games in the market. I was quite upset when I was not able to run Scrolls of the Elder IV: Oblivion that everyone is raving about.

Nevertheless there is Civilizations IV!

Don’t know why I have not discovered it before. This game is MASSIVE.

It is a turn based strategy game where, you guessed it, you create a civilization. You start with a settler in 4000 BC and you build your empire up to the space age, if you can survive that long. You have to figure out trade, religion, technology, war and all such wholesome things. You can trade stuff with your neighbours or declare war and have his head on a pole.

Plus you still have to keep those little ingrates (also called – citizens) happy by ensuring that they get enough religion, clean air and food.

It is quite overwhelming for a beginner. For my first go, my leadership ability was judged to be akin to Dan Quayle’s. Yeah, rock bottom.

But I am getting good.
For my last round I was crowned Julius Caesar after my aggressive expansionism.

There is an amazing sense of well being that comes from annihilating the opponent.

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